Resilience Injections in Urban Public Realm Design

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Urban Design and Urban Design Studio Module courses Master of Science in Building and Architectural Engineering
School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering Politecnico di Milano, Campus of Lecco
ISBN 8891622433
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Resilience Injections

in Urban Public Realm Design

Autori Angela Colucci
Editore Maggioli Editore
Dimensione 15x15
Pagine 148
Pubblicazione Dicembre 2017 (I Edizione)

The book is organized into three parts (design approaches, understanding public space, designing public space). Presenting different discourses and applications about public spaces design. The chapters of the first part shows different approaches to the public spaces design highlighting the need of renovated instruments and approaches in public space design integrating resilience, climate change, governance and communities engagement towards adaptive process of urban regeneration. The second part focuses on the exploration and analysis of the public spaces. The third part presents the the results of a public space network design process developed during the Urban Design and Studio courses based on an integrated “ didactic flow ” (lectures, seminars, and studio activities) and applied to the Queensway Connection: Elevating the Public Realm international competition. 

Edited by Angela Colucci
Authors Lucia Nucci, Roberto Adami, Davide Riva, Francesca Santaniello, Davide Zucchetti, Giulia Pesaro, Juan Carlos Vargas-Moreno, Chiara Cortinovis, Marcello Magoni
Graphic design by Roberto Adami/Chiara Cortinovis
Cover image by Angela Colucci

CD contents Interactive Map of Public Spaces Explored and case studies presented by students Studio proposals on “Queensway Connection: Elevating the Public Realm” (introduction, SWOT analysis, students’ projects) Images and Framework on case studies presented in the book text (Resilient Intervention, chapter 4) 

Digital contents editing by Roberto Adami (with Cora Kaindl and Giulia Santoro)

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