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Il corso è in via di completamento. Comprende: 100 testi in inglese con 8 quiz di comprensione. In totale 800 quiz interattivi.

Il corso comprende le seguenti materie:

  • The mysterious inverted tower and Templars
  • Egypt’s Female Lion Tamers
  • What will art look like in 20 years
  • Tales from the far-flung Faroes
  • Ghost Bro
  • Demon in the dark
  • The plan to turn half the world into a reserve for nature
  • The battle for Bristol Bay
  • The most shocking song
  • A strange baron
  • Starlink space display
  • The real way to pizza-making
  • An ancient world concealed underground
  • Spirit in the sky
  • A Hero
  • Maps from the future
  • An old stick
  • Pompei from a drone
  • Twentysomethings may have the sharpest minds
  • An ugly sister
  • The Russian trader
  • An invitation
  • Building success
  • A way out
  • The changing of coral reefs

  • Knights and ladies
  • Fun is serious?
  • An old bachelor
  • The girl with a Pearl Earring
  • A day-out
  • Suspect behaviour
  • A strange encounter
  • A false cheque?
  • New acquaintances
  • Great Day in Bali
  • Feeling guilty
  • Somebody’s missing
  • Planning the future
  • Autumn in London
  • A distasteful topic
  • A serious duty
  • A rescue
  • An angel in disguise
  • To sum up
  • Leaving home
  • A dark boat
  • Cars passing by
  • A sweet lady
  • Colours!
  • A certain target

I docenti del corso:

Inglese B2

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